I provide comprehensive education and transformative support, centering on the birth parent and their support network. My approach is deeply rooted in Mexican Traditional Medicine, treating pregnancy as a sacred ceremony and transformational experience for all parties involved. I offer prenatal education to prepare for the journey of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. This includes evidence-based birth education, knowledge and resources on perinatal mood disorders, as well as guidance on nutrition. I incorporate traditional Yerbas, vaginal steams, sobadas, movement exercises, and meditation to enhance the holistic support provided.


I provide continuous access to support, knowledge, and labor tools tailored to your unique journey, grounded in Mexican Traditional Medicine. I offer guidance on breathing techniques, comfort measures, and meditation practices to assist you during labor. My holistic approach extends to nutrition, ensuring you receive the nourishment necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

Drawing from my knowledge of traditional Yerbas, I incorporate their healing properties into labor as a sacred ceremony. This can take the form of teas, herbal baths, herbal steams, or compresses, personalized to suit your family's preferences. I bring a range of bodywork and movement tools, including Rebozo work, birth balls, massage, dance, and partner support, enhancing your birthing experience.

I'm skilled in creating a supportive birthing environment, whether at home or in a hospital, to ensure your comfort. My services encompass prenatal and postpartum appointments, offering comprehensive care throughout your pregnancy journey. Additionally, I empower you with information on self-advocacy, enabling you to advocate effectively for yourself and your family, ultimately fostering a satisfying birth experience.


My postpartum practice revolves around Mexican Traditional Medicine, with a singular focus on healing, strengthening, and nourishing families over a 40-day period. I harness the power of traditional native Yerbas (herbs), tailoring them to each individual's unique journey and ceremonial needs. I provide unwavering support to the birthing person through Faja and Rebozo techniques, aiding in the healing, pain relief, and support of the abdominal, pelvic, and uterine regions. Additionally, I offer vaginal steams and compresses for immediate discomfort relief, healing, and the reconnection of body and mind. Through the practice of La Sobadas and La Cerrada, I conduct a special ceremony and cleansing to assist with hip closure, promote healing, alleviate tension and trauma in the mother, release ligaments, and relax muscles.


At my practice, my aim is to provide support for honoring your placenta in the way that feels right for you. This may include planting it, incorporating it into a smoothie, or having it encapsulated. I can also help you create keepsakes such as an umbilical cord heart or placenta jewelry, as well as artwork using a placenta blood print or placenta watercolor print. My focus is on empowering and supporting you as you make choices that are meaningful to you.